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Awar Works with its partners to develop proactive strategic service programs that suit the customer's budget and schedule; those programs range from monthly check-ups to a preventive maintenance (PM) program which is designed to proactively identifying potential issues that can be corrected before they cause interruptions. PM programs help the customer mainly with the following key points:

• Improves the customer's profit and reduces the loss

• Ensures and Increases the employee's safety

• Maximization of equipment performance and reducing downtime

• Reducing repair costs over the equipment's life cycle

• Reduce unplanned cost.

• Helping assure manufacturer warranty

Maintenance & Emergency calls for repairs are controlled and logged through a field management system that manages on-demand, planned, and preventive maintenance. The system enables the service teams to access real-time information and update the system remotely.

Awar provides yearly training by equipment manufacturers for the technical team to ensure that their technical and trouble-shooting skills are up-to-date.

Contact us at: sales@awar.com for more information on available maintenance packages.

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