Finishing Equipment

We Offer

With our finishing equipment you can choose from a complete range of easy-to-use, highly automated finishing presses to basic electrically-heated ironing tables for small scale operations or for big production volumes depending on your needs.

In addition to boosting the productivity of your laundry operation, our finishing equipment ensures top quality finishing, garment after garment.

Our range of Forenta equipment is designed and built with high quality standards. Products that are reliable, easy to use and safe.

Dry Cleaning Equipment:

  • Fastback Presses
  • Scissor Legger & Utility Presses
  • Toppers
  • Form Finishers
  • Puff Irons
  • Hand Irons

Laundry Equipment:

  • Professional Shirt Finishing Systems
  • Shirt Finishing systems
  • Steam – Air Shirt Finishers
  • Body Presses
  • Collar-Cuff Presses
  • Sleevers
  • Shirt Folders
  • Collar Formers
  • Misc. Shirt Folding
  • Laundry Utility Presses
  • Toppers
  • Split-Buck Apparel
  • Legger/Utility


Forenta Finishing Equipment

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