Barrier Washing Extractors

We Offer

We offer a wide range of barrier washing extractors which has been designed to meet the demands of professional laundry operators.

Outfit your store with our professional designed equipment and well known brands such as Electrolux, G. A. Braun and Maxi.

Whether you are constructing a new location, renovating or simply looking to bring in more reliable and energy-saving appliances to your commercial outlet, Awar Bahrain offers advanced innovation in each of our laundry equipment lines.

Our product range:

  • Open Pocket Washer Extractors
  • Top Side Loader Washer Extractors
  • Barrier Washers
  • Barrier Top-Side Loader Washer Extractors
  • Barrier Side Loader Washer Extractors
  • End Loader Washer Extractors
  • Batch tunnel Washer
Barrier Washer Extractors


Electrolux Barrier Washing Extractors
G A Braun Barrier Washing Extractors
Maxi Barrier Washing Extractors

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