Beverage and Bar Solutions

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We work to ensure our beverage and bar solutions range is as flexible as our customers need it to be, adapting to changing markets and working in partnership with customers to exceed their expectations.

Each customer is unique, each bar is unique and each Awar product provides a unique stylish solution, seamlessly complementing the look and feel of any bar.

Our equipment are supplied from leading manufacturers such as Gamko and Glastender. With a wide range of professional drink solutions for the bar, leisure and catering industries.

Our product range:

  • Cocktail Stations
  • Ice Bins
  • Blender Stations
  • Drainboard Stations
  • Single Bowl Sinks
  • Liquor Displays
  • Soda Gun Holders
  • Beer Drainers
  • Speed Rails and Locking Covers
  • POS Cabinets
  • Dry Waste Chutes
  • Bottle Wells and Bottle Racks
  • Back Bar Coolers
  • Pass through coolers
  • Rear-Feed Back Bar Coolers
  • Glass Frosters
  • Keg Coolers
GAMKO Beverage and Bar Solutions


Gamko Beverage and Bar Solutions
Glastender Beverage and Bar Solutions

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